How to Use


How to Use Tempura Batter Mix?
Need Easy Cooking? This is it!
Our Batter does it for you.
For Use in Restaurants Only
*When cooking, be very careful to avoid burning yourself while hadling the oil.

Step 1

Measure ice-cold water.

Step 2

Put measured batter mix into water.

Step 3

Mix without over-beating.

Step 4

Coat ingredients with batter mix.

Step 5

Dip ingredients into batter.

Step 6

Deep fry in hot oil.

Simple, Yet Delicious


  • 1.
    Place Ice-cold water in a mixing bowl.
  • 2.
    Add dry mix to Ice-cold Water in a ratio of 1:1.6. ( Water: dry mix=11oz.:7oz.(320g:200g))
  • 3.
    Mix with wire whisk quickly until large lumps disappear. (Do not over-mix.)


  • 4.
    Pat ingredients dry and coat with dry batter mix. (This will help prevent hot oil from splattering while frying.)
  • 5.
    Dip into prepared tempura batter, coating completely.


  • 6.
    Preheat the cooking oil to 330°-350°F(165°-175°C) depending on the type and size of ingredients fried. Lightly drain off excess batter and drop gently into oil. (For crispier tempura,drizzle batter on top as it fries.) Fry until golden brown, turning once to brown evenly. Remove and drain thoroughly.
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