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Nisshin Seifun Group Policy

Nisshin Seifun Group believes that in a rapidly globalizing and changing world, a company’s strength lies in focusing outwardly on the market rather than inwardly. They emphasize the importance of each business unit operating independently and specializing in their respective fields, such as flour milling, processed foods, and biotechnology, among others. This approach allows for a coalition of professional businesses to swiftly respond to market demands, aiming to lead in their specific sectors. Their strategy combines self-sufficiency and alliances, fostering collaboration within and outside the group to form a versatile and innovative corporate conglomerate. The key to amplifying this strategy is speed in communication, execution, and achievement, propelling the group’s dual strength of individual business units and collective power towards global and future success.

Medallion Foods is committed to providing outstanding quality products and customer service to meet all customer expectations.

Founded in 1996

Medallion Foods Inc. has been creating high quality pasta for over a decade. With our superior customer service, 100% fill rate, timely deliveries, and distinct product, we help you set the perfect table every time.

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